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What is your Clothing Dilemma?


What is SarahStylesMe?

Your personal stylist.  Online and ready to find the perfect clothes and accessories for you. If you have an event, you need a style revamp, or you simply don’t have time to shop, Sarah does it for you. 

How it Works

Step One

Choose Your Package. Who said personal stylists were only for the rich and famous? Whether it’s just a quick wardrobe edit or a full style overhaul, we have online options for everyone starting at £59.

Step Two

You now have a stylist! I really need to get to know you. Complete Your SarahStylesMe Questionnaire, send some pictures and tell me what you need. The more i know you, the better the results.

Step Three

Within 48 hours (or faster if you’re in a hurry) you’ll receive your Personal Styling Inspiration Board full of perfect items to solve your style dilemma. Buy them all or just choose a favourite, they’re guaranteed to be perfect.



Discover what you look and feel amazing in.

  Any body shape and size (we love them all).

Take the stress of clothes shopping away.


Stuck for the weekend?

  Last minute event?

  Get your styling solution within 24 hours!


High street or designer, you set the budget.

Items selected that fit your price range.

You choose. Zero pressure to buy.

This Could Be Your Restyle

• 1 Workwear Update

“I love looking through the magazines when all the new Winter clothes come out, but I never know what to buy, which trend to follow or where to buy it. Sarah found beautiful new updates for me that were fashionable but suitable for my job and my age! I feel confident and up to date for the first time in ages.”      

Jackie.  Manchester

• 2 Occasion to look picture perfect for.


“It was exactly what I needed when I had a wedding to go to but absolutely no idea what to wear. All the dresses suited my figure and I actually had fun choosing which one to keep.”

Sophie. Key West

• 3 No time to holiday clothes shop.


“With a few weeks to go I still hadn’t found time to rush to the shops in my lunch break and buy some holiday clothes. Sarah understood what I needed straightaway and sent me the perfect capsule wardrobe that would even fit in my suitcase. I was impeccably dressed for the glamorous hotels and restaurants.”

Andrea,   Kent.

• 4 Every day update - Plus Size


“I hate shopping. Most shops don’t stock my size and I find the sales staff patronising and rude. Sarah listened to my concerns and produced the most amazing ideas for day to day clothes I never thought I could buy. I will definitely use her again!”

Kate,  Leeds.