About Me

Having worked in retail all my life, building clothing ranges, establishing brands and deciding what was to be sold in womanswear departments for many of the big high street retailers, i decided i wanted a change and to find a way to reach people who don’t have a passion for clothes or have lost their clothing mojo and to find a way for them to have a stress free and easier life shopping.

Looking good and knowing that you look your best is always a good feeling.  I believe people don’t have to always be fashionable or trendy, it doesn’t matter what brand you wear as long as you feel comfortable and project the image you choose.

Many people i’ve met have fallen out of love with clothes and shopping, the huge amount of choice, poor customer service, the badly laid out stores, all make it feel like a chore.  Body figures have changed, the years have gone by and many people don’t know where to shop anymore or what suits them.  There are brands and shops out there for everyone. Being familiar with how companies design their ranges, decide their sizes, the quality of the fabrics used and production quality, allows me find the best choices for my sarahstylesme customers.

I want every woman to feel great, i don’t judge, coherse, pressurise or guilt you. I make suggestions that i send or show to you, you choose what to buy independently – i hope you buy everything but am just as happy if you buy the one perfect item for you.  I just love to see the results – the before and the after… with the huge smiles.



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Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy then simply request a refund within 15 days. Simple and fair.