Why should I choose SarahStylesMe?

SarahStylesMe offers a unique service for anyone regardless of your budget, location or shape. A career in buying and merchandising has given Sarah detailed and insider knowledge of all the shops, their sizing, quality standards and pricing. She will work within your budget to advise and help you to choose those items that will make you look good and feel great.

The service is of the highest quality, but informal and fun making any time spent with her enlightening and uplifting.  The day does not finish when you leave your styling session. SarahStylesMe is always here for all clients. Just contact Sarah for help.

I don't live in a big city, can i still use your service?

Of course you can, although the personal touch options are limited at the moment to SE London and Kent. My online options are available worldwide.

If you aren’t sure drop me an email and arrange a free chat.

I prefer high street to designer shops. Can you still help me?

YES! We will shop with your budget in mind and help you find value for money.

Are there any hidden charges?

None and there is a 15 day money back guarantee.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. You can use your credit card to pay via Paypal.

I can never find anything to suit my shape. How do I know you can?

SarahStylesMe knows the shops, and their ranges and has experience with customers of all shapes and sizes so don’t worry.

How will I know if I will get on with my stylist and how will she know what suits me?

SarahStylesMe has had clients from all different walks of life and can instantly build up a rapport with you. All packages are designed to be fun during which you will be learning a lot about your style and what suits you. The consultations are a great way of her getting to know you and your lifestyle requirements

I’d like to have SarahStylesMe look through my wardrobe but I feel embarrassed to show them what I have.

SarahStylesMe is here to help and not judge. A pile of unworn clothes to you might be the basis of some great outfits. You will be amazed at what can be found and created.

What should I set aside for a shopping budget?

Anything – there is no pressure to buy, SarahStylesMe will stick within your budget set for items. What ever your budget you will get the best items for you and your needs.

What if i don’t like my personal inspiration board items?

You may be a little unsure at first but do please buy the items and try them on. Clothes look different on and new shapes and colours that are right for you may take a little getting used to.

If you’ve tried it all on and are still not sure take some photos and email them through – we can then relook at the styling together. Remember if you are really uncomfortable the items can be returned.

What is on the questionnaire?

This is quite detailed as SarahStylesMe needs to understand about you and your lifestyle – please be honest and take your time.

SarahStylesMe will need clear up to date photos of you. Selfies in the mirror are fine.

What is a personal inspiration board?

This is your own page with clothes suited to you and your lifestyle / event chosen. When clicked on they will take you to the retailers site and are ready to purchase. These are confidential to you and can only be accessed by you. There are some examples here on the site.